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A little over a year ago, ICEX set out to develop a unique technology which would transform claims management across the insurance industry. We undertook a journey of interviewing experts, filing patents, performing regulatory due diligence and developing an easy-to-implement, secure and highly

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scalable pilot software solution. The insurance industry now stands at the edge of a great transformation, ready to solve long-standing challenges in the P&C and health insurance claims communities. The workers compensation community will soon follow. Moreover, identifying fraud, abuse and wasteful claim overpayments will help in the fight to keep insurance premiums affordable for individuals and organizations. Like data exchanges which paved the way before us, ClaimCatcher will likely become widely adopted and regularly used in core insurance operations. Because bringing 2,500 P&C insurers, 400 commercial health plans, Medicaid and workers compensation carriers together on a multi-sided data platform will be a sizable task, our intent is to find one or more strategic partners with resources which can complement our technology and help to streamline the delivery of ClaimCatcher into the marketplace. We consider strategic partners those companies such as claims analytics vendors, insurance brokers, third party administrators, corporate venture capital or insurers with investment divisions. Additionally, we plan to form strategic alliances with state and national insurance trade associations. If your company would have interest in becoming a strategic partner, please contact us at:

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